Psychics and Ghosts and Magic, Oh My! Putting the Paranormal in your Suspense and Mystery

Murder One
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Class Dates: 
January 2 - 31
Silver James

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Curious about the things that go bump in the night? Want to know how to create a paranormal world or just add a touch a macabre to your Work in Progress? Award-winning paranormal suspense author Silver James will discuss paranormal realism, world-building, creating realistic characters and story arcs, urban fantasy, and paranormal suspense.

Instructor Bio: 

Silver James likes to take walks on the wild side and coffee. Okay. She loves coffee. LOTS of coffee. Warning: Her Muse, Iffy, runs with scissors and can be quite dangerous. She’s the author of two award-winning series, Moonstruck and The Penumbra Papers. She's been a military officer's wife, mother, and has worked in the legal field, fire service, and law enforcement. Now retired from the “real world,” she lives in Oklahoma and spends her days at the computer with two Newfoundland dogs, the cat who rules them all, and the myriad characters living in her imagination. She writes dark paranormal romantic thrillers, urban fantasy, and sexy contemporary romance for Harlequin Desire. 

Tread Lightly

Tread lightly...But know that while we are all working together here, the conversation can turn quickly to death, destruction and mayhem. And we are fine with that. We'll even abet you as you work to do the same, to become the best spinner of romantic mysteries and thrillers that you can be. So come on in, the water's blood.